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Barricane have extensive experience of planning and implementing transport solutions across a wide range of sectors (automotive, industrial, retail, multi-temperature food, etc.). We have experience of both dedicated and shared user transport operations and can define the optimum mix of all transport resources, as well as the impact on other supply chain elements to provide a fully integrated solution.



> Strategic, tactical and operational transport modelling
> Primary and secondary transport planning
> Operational routing and scheduling
> Fixed route scheduling
> Optimum fleet sizing and vehicle mix
> Dedicated and sub-contract zoning
> Depot boundaries and delivery/collection areas
> Impact of service level changes
> Detailed transport cost models giving full visibility of
.. all cost elements
> Detailed analysis and explanation of all key cost drivers
> Detailed report showing a complete breakdown of
.. all transport operations:
..... Vehicle mileages, driver shift times, drops per vehicle day etc.
..... Sub-contract volume breakpoints and regions
> Fully costed transport solutions using industry standard
.. vehicle/driver costs

Specialist software used:-
Routing and Scheduling System


  For further details and enquiries: Tim Cox
T +44(0)7879 626357

Simon Cox
T +44(0)7879 626488

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