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Typical methodology

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2. Initial meeting
> Understand the problem
> Agree project objectives
> Scope the project

3. Project proposal
Written document - will include:
> Our understanding of the problem
> The agreed objectives of the project
> Project plan estimating elapsed time
> Project deliverables
> A complete project price confirmed upon acceptance of the proposal


Data Collection
We will specify the data requirements and can provide assistance in extracting data from client systems.

Data Analysis
We will provide a data analysis pack for sign off prior to starting the project work. This will ensure that:
> The data complies with the project requirements
> There have been no errors of understanding
> Assumptions can be agreed

Solution Design
This usually involves the establishment of an ‘as is’ base case and the evaluation of a number of alternative scenarios. We like to work with the client during this stage, allowing the client to be involved in evaluation and ensuring that all of the pre-agreed deliverables are met. All results and recommendations are signed off by the client before the project is complete.

Report & Presentation
All results and recommendations will be written up into a final document. A PowerPoint presentation can be prepared for internal or external use.

Typical project costs

Barricane Solutions services

  For further details and enquiries: Tim Cox
T +44(0)7879 626357

Simon Cox
T +44(0)7879 626488

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