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With a broad spectrum of capabilities and specific experience in both 3rd party logistics environments and retail / manufacturing, Barricane are able to assist across a diverse range of disciplines.

> Full tender project management:
.....Project management and delivery of a response to
.....tender from initial customer contact through to proposal, presentation and beyond
> Data analysis and formatting
> Solution design
> Solution costing and budgeting
> Proposal construction and presentations
> Commercial negotiation
> Operational implementation

> Optimal use of internal resources
> Total flexibility
> Focus on sales process and client relationships
> Development focus on real opportunities
> Access to the latest modelling software and techniques
> Fast project turnaround and strict commitment to deadlines

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...for an informal discussion on how this service has delivered tangible benefits and how it may be applied in your organisation.


Strategic supply chain evaluation:
.....How efficient is my current supply chain operation
> Supply chain design at a strategic and tactical level
> Business process modelling
> Integrated supplier, product, manufacturing and customer strategy

Barricane have significant experience of the business development process in the third party logistics market.

We can provide:
> Tender construction based on a sound understanding
...of your business
> Tender process management and support with
supplier selection
> Change management and implementation

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...for an informal discussion of how our extensive experience and practical applications of supply chain design can benefit your organisation.



  For further details and enquiries: Tim Cox
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Simon Cox
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